VOS Cloud

Cloud-Native Media Processing for Broadcast and OTT
Media Preparation and Delivery


Launch channels fast

Service providers and media professionals are looking to the cloud for all types of applications. With VOS™ Cloud, Harmonic offers a comprehensive software application that transforms traditional video preparation and delivery architectures into a fully integrated set of cloud-native functions, accelerating time to market for new broadcast and OTT services.

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Keep operations simple

The VOS Cloud software can be installed on any hardware platform in the headend or data center, or as part of any private or public cloud deployment environment.

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Live streaming

Securely contribute live 24/7 services and events. Prepare and deliver MPEG DASH, Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming directly to consumer devices.


Time-shift TV

Simply define your recoding window for each channel, whether a couple of hours or several months.



Simply and securely contribute your existing VOD library and VOS Cloud will prepare and deliver your catalog directly to your subscribers.


Cloud DVR

By interfacing VOS Cloud to a content management system, the CMS can define a recording window for each channel, whether a couple of hours or several months. This allows your customers to record individual TV shows or series, or perform implosive recording, and consume the content on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Built for the cloud

As a cloud-native application, VOS Cloud features the hallmarks of openness, scalability and agility. Support for OpenStack™ and Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) deployment environments enable system access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and let you work the way you want, whether on premise or through private or public clouds. Harmonic APIs provide hooks into your existing operations, simplifying the ability to add —or remove — VOS Cloud services in a matter of minutes.

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Why Harmonic VOS Cloud?

Accelerated time to market

With VOS Cloud’s full complement of embedded workflow features, adding a new video channel to your lineup is straightforward and requires just a few steps from the operator.

Optimizing costs

VOS Cloud is the perfect fit for customers looking to save on CAPEX and OPEX. The solution’s usage-based pricing assures that customers pay only for the functions actually used.

Content monetization

Selling ad space is an essential step toward achieving ROI on an OTT video streaming infrastructure. Integrating with market-leading advertising ecosystem partners, VOS Cloud provides a complete framework for dynamic ad insertion at all levels.

Customer insight

Collection and analysis of customer viewing habits is a critical element for all media organizations. VOS Cloud’s integration with leading data analytics software allows you to gain deep insight into customer engagement.


Harmonic’s agile development approach assures that individual VOS Cloud services can be upgraded independently and that new capabilities can be added with each new software release.

PURE power

Encoding and transcoding functionality on VOS Cloud is powered by the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, which provides support for a wide range of formats, codecs and encoding schemes to enable broadcast-quality video at low bitrates. An optional enhancement to the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine is the Harmonic EyeQ™ video compression solution, which provides a superior viewing experience while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 50%.


A team dedicated to your success

Harmonic DevOps operates 24/7/365 and is focused on getting customers online fast, quality of experience and customer satisfaction.


A community of support

Learn and participate in the OTT cloud-based infrastructure community.

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